Woah!! I am very busy and happy.

February 11. 2013It has been a while since i have updated my blog here. This does not mean that i have been doing nothing. No, i have rather been very busy. Recently i did a job for Aarhus Kommune wich i am not allowed to share due to some different restrictions. I have also attended to Transmediale 2013 BWPWAP. It is a Berlin-based festival focusing on art, culture and technologies. That was great fun, and i will of couse post some pictures!

Right now i am sitting in Saalbach, Austria. I am away for a ski trip. This is a picture i took the other day when we visited Königssee (a very big lake). The weather was amazing, best conditions for photographing i have ever experienced!! Pictures will come soon too! - Woaw. So much to do! I am indeed a very lucky man!