Exhibition 'Lead' by Adler x Skyt

June 13. 2013Tomorrow we wil be at NorthSide Festival. We are having a exhibition as a part of the campaign Lead the Way created by World Perfect. The visuals of the campaign is posters with pictures i shot and Martin and I have used these campaign posters to create 15 unique pieces of art. Also we have prepared a BIG piece which Martin Skyt will be working on during the festival. Come see the psychedelic woods with the retro 3D feeling!

We are STOKED! Come by World Perfect at NorthSide Festival, visit see the exhibition, become a part of Lead The Way, and maybe you will feel the need to buy one of the crazy rat posters.

LUC_0991 copy

LUC_1098 copy

LUC_2421 copy

LUC_2588 copy