'Lead the Way' at NorthSide Festival 2013

June 24. 2013In the beginning of June I was working together with the advertising company World Perfect and NorthSide Festival about creating a sustainable profile for NorthSide Festival 2013. We created the campaign 'Lead the Way' trying to encourage people to be responsible with trash at the festival. We used five of my pictures for this campaign and they were literally everywhere on NorthSide Festival - even on the big monitors next to the two big stages.

Here are some of the campaign i shot at NorthSide Festival.

ns13_bwLucas127 copy

ns13_bwLucas130 copyns13_bwLucas143 copy ns13_bwLucas147 copy ns13_bwLucas148 copy ns13_bwLucas150 copy ns13_bwLucas158 copy ns13_bwLucas137 copy

ns13_bwLucas136 copy