Flexi Phone

My first project during my bachelor in Digital Design at Aarhus University.

We were given a task

Design a phone that can not use Apple's patents.

Find alternatives to:

  • Double-tap-to-zoom

  • Click-to-call

  • Swipe to answer or reject a phone call

  • Rectangular shape with rounded corners

You should be able to:

  • Answer and reject a phone up

  • Lock and unlock screen

  • Zoom in on an image and / or text

  • And the phone must of course be practical ift pockets, bags, hands etc.

  • You must choose at least two of the above four points in your answer.

The assignment must include:

  • Examine how people operate their smartphone (it has to do with its interface)

  • Examine how people take their smartphone with them (it has to do with its shape)

  • Explore what problems people have had with the operation. It may have to do with the interface, with the shape or with a certain environment / conditions (rain, wind, cold, heat, bags in both hands on the bike etc)

Project made ogether with
Emilie Elmquist
Jesper Christoffersen
Asger Bruun Hansen