Together with Johan Francisco Cardoba-Carstensen, I wrote a paper on relational taxonomy to express the amount of interests in the externalisations that practitioners use to influence negotiations to obtain symbiotic agreements in participatory design processes. We emphasize the need for further research on this topic, by illustrating bias between the form of the externalisations and the interests at stake for the practitioners throughout an ICard Workshop.


1. Building on theory from Dix & Gongora

Dix & Gongora presents four categories for externalisations; informational, formational, transformational & transcendental. The ideas they present in "Externalisation and Design" makes us capable of discussing the important roles of externalisations when different expertises or people has to work together.


2. Using iCard workshop as a research method

We did our study at Aarhus Universitet, during a course on Advanced Interaction Design and therefore we got acces to the iCard table at CAVI (Centre for Advanced Visualization and Interaction). We did a fictional inquiry to gather inspirational data for our study.


3. Download our paper "Relationstaksonomi"

The paper is in Danish. Use Google Translate to translate the document, or contact me for a short explanation! 

Johan elaborated our stud in his master's thesis, while i began another project. He got the highest grade possible, so if You are interested in how externalisations impact negotiations and designprocesses make sure to contact Johan!