Plant and Play

As a part of my bachelor in Digital Design at Aarhus University we were handed an assignment:

Create an interactive product that focuses on digital sustainability.

Together with my study group (Thor Guldager, Emilie Garbrecht and Johan Francisco) we created an intelligent pot for your plants at home. Our vision was to create a product where plants and technology create a positive symbiosis. We came up with this Plant&Play pot that gives you the ability to use your plants at home as a switch to toggle on / off your electric devices at home. Very simple.

The final prototype was this; Plant&Play.


The pot is making the plant sensitive by measuring a low frequency signal that is send through the plant. When a human touches the plant, this signal is broken, and the pot sends a signal to the server. The pot is communicating via WiFI. You are therefore able to connect the plant to your eg. your lights at home.

Watch this little illustation. Words can get soo fucking boring.... right?


Here is a couple of snapshots from our design process