Den Sorte Skole x Lucasadler

Maj 12. 2013Saturday I went to Copenhagen to follow Den Sorte Skole and their performance at Skuespilhuset. I had an amazing day with Martin and Simon from Den Sorte Skole among with a group of very skilled moviemakers. Really inspiring to be around those guys!! And a lot of fun too! The trip was kind of problematic because my 50mm f1.4 lens broke while being there. So I had to shoot only with my 16-35mm f4 lens and the broke 50mm. Due to this and the fact that two other photographers also had the opportunity to shoot their concert at Skuespilhuset I decided to try something totally different from the normal concert photos i tend to hate on. So watch this series as my interpretation of the universe Den Sorte Skole invited me into. This is of course very very inspired by my dear friend and favorite artist Martin Skyt. The idea of this series is to let it evolve into a picture per track on Lektion #3. This takes time so keep clicking by my blog.

By the way. It is very helpful to know or listen to their music to fully understand these crazy photos.






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