Bedell Guitars

24. September 2012Recently, I have taken a picture for a new guitar magazine. Bedell Guitars is a luxury guitar brand that will be sold in the historic guitar shop, Akustikken. I worked with two of my best friends, Jonas and Malene. They have been responsible for everything in the magazine, and I am insanely impressed with their work.

I had some restrictions. I had to bear in mind that there should be room for text on the right side of the image. I did not use any flash or expensive light sources, only some small lamps that i turned towards the owner, Ole. It has been a fantastic job, and I'm really happy with the result.

We went to Gråsten to help start the process of pressing the magazine. The magazine is printed on biodegradable and recyclable Stone Paper. Actually i think Stone Paper is amazing for photographers it looks incredible and feels so real.

Here is the original photo i took.