Shooting Music Video x Frank Ziyanak

August 12. 2013I have spend two days in Copenhagen together with Daniel Aude shooting two music videos for Frank Ziyanak on his coming solo album. I have not been working with video before but that is most definitely something I will do again. Here are a few snapshots I took while working. Maybe you will recognise something in the videos!

LUC_6711 copy

LUC_6721 copy

LUC_6726 copy

LUC_6754 copy

Den Sorte Skole x Lucas Adler

July 30. 2013 Earlier this year i was invited to Skuespilhuset in Copenhagen to shoot Den Sorte Skole while they were performing their newest album 'Lektion III' with amazing visuals done by Dark Matters. During the shooting I broke my camera because it hit a door frame. Bad luck!

I decided to play with lights and long exposure photos because the camera could not focus. On the way home to Simon Dokkedal from Den Sorte Skole I realised that I had to do something totally different - and I am actually very excited with the result.

Lektion III consists of 25 track. I've made 25 pictures, one for each song.

0# DenSorteSkole_Lucasadler copy

1# Riforme copy

2# Staklenin copy

3# Milo copy

4# Formula Dub copy

5# Gole Gandom copy

6# Did You Ever copy

7# Fai Yen copy

8# Ceverlo copy

9# Overtime copy

10# Tomten copy

11# Karlchen copy

12# Hürel copy

13# Gowla copy

14# Island Girl copy

15# En lille en copy

16# Old Order copy

17# Magnetic copy

18# Le Brin copy

19# Risen copy

20# Lamuka copy

21# Alvin copy

22# Layton copy

23#O Babuaa copy

24# Exil copy

25# Oh Death copy


'Lead the Way' at NorthSide Festival 2013

June 24. 2013In the beginning of June I was working together with the advertising company World Perfect and NorthSide Festival about creating a sustainable profile for NorthSide Festival 2013. We created the campaign 'Lead the Way' trying to encourage people to be responsible with trash at the festival. We used five of my pictures for this campaign and they were literally everywhere on NorthSide Festival - even on the big monitors next to the two big stages.

Here are some of the campaign i shot at NorthSide Festival.

ns13_bwLucas127 copy

ns13_bwLucas130 copyns13_bwLucas143 copy ns13_bwLucas147 copy ns13_bwLucas148 copy ns13_bwLucas150 copy ns13_bwLucas158 copy ns13_bwLucas137 copy

ns13_bwLucas136 copy

NorthSide Festival 2013 by Lucasadler

June 13. 2013Finally finished the last exam. Everything went really well despite the fact that I prioritised our exhibition at the Northside Festival higher than the exam. Now I start a big project with Aarhus Kommune it will take one to two months. Exciting, yes!

Here are some snapshots I took at Northside Festival - little bit of everything. I think there has been a huge lack of pictures where the atmosphere is captured at Northside Festival - despite of all the Instagram pictures of course. Photographers tend to focus only on the musicians. I do not!

ns13_colLucas082 copy

ns13_colLucas084 copy

ns13_colLucas095 copy

ns13_colLucas101 copy

ns13_colLucas108 copy

ns13_colLucas088 copyns13_colLucas063 copy

ns13_colLucas016 copy

ns13_colLucas030 copy

ns13_colLucas009 copy

ns13_colLucas072 copyny væg

ns13_colLucas062 copy

ns13_colLucas071 copy

ns13_colLucas047 copy

City Sweep by World Perfect x HeleVejen x NorthSide x Lucasadler

Maj 24. 2013Today we cleaned Aarhus, why? Because we love Aarhus. City Sweep was arranged by World Perfect, NorthSide Festival & HeleVejen but they could not have done it without the big amount of volunteers. This was part of a bigger campaign about sustainability. The images you see in these photos are some of my photos I took with my old Yashica T3 super on a Kodak Ektar 35mm film. I have always liked those photos but Jonas E. Thomsen from World Perfect was the one that thought of the idea to use my photos and add graphics to them - and he os damn good at it. I am very proud of the product we have made and I am so excited about NorthSide Festival 2013 where even more of my photos are to be used for the campaign. Also I can announce that I am working on a piece of art together with Martin Skyt for NorthSide Festival - This is BIG. Stay tuned!!!

LUC_0146 copy

LUC_0161 copy

LUC_0174 copy

LUC_0100 copy

LUC_0184 copy

LUC_0271 copy

LUC_0288 copy

LUC_0306 copyLUC_0319 copy

LUC_0432 copy

LUC_0495 copy

LUC_0421 copy

LUC_0497 copy

LUC_0581 copy

LUC_0901 copy

LUC_0754 copy


Maj 5. 2013Recently I won a Roskilde Festival Ticket in a photo competition at Aarhus University. The theme was Music. I entered the competition with this photo of Flødeklinikken from Aarhus Hylder Mangfoldigheden. Pretty sweet to win a ticket. Now i do not have to work during Roskilde Festival - though i will still be taking photos there.


SPOT Festival x Soundvenue - Day 2

Maj 5. 2013Tonight I was shooting at SPOT Festival for Soundvenue again. This time i was shooting Den Sorte Skole, Turboweekend, Cancer, and Vinnie Who. This night was kind of hectic but I think these photos are worth it. Really like the one below with Den Sorte Skole - psychedelic!! I am done for now at SPOT Festival shooting for Soundvenue. Been a while since i shot concert photos but this was great, especially working like this. Normally i tend to shoot a lot of pictures to make a series, but for this job i knew i only had to shoot one or two photos. I tried to test myself on how fast i could get the picture i wanted, took more-or-less 3 minutes every time - so there i can really feel that i have improved. Even though the light settings at SPOT Festival was horrible combining red and blue light. That really sucked! But I don't care.. photoshop is my friend.

Den Sorte Skole





turbo1 copy






LUC_8962 copy cop11y



Vinnie Who





A sunday morning

31. November 2012I spend a cold and windy autumn morning in Copenhagen with Frank Ziyanak and his daughter. Normally i tend to write a lot of thoughts but with this photo series I will let these photos speak for themselves.

I am very happy with these photos. I hope you get a warm feeling when you see them.

Finished Bedell Guitars Magazine.

30. September 2012Finally the Magasine is done. We've been so excited to see the finale results. The magazine is made for a guitar shop named Akustikken that sells the luxurious brand, Bedell Guitars. The magazine is made by Jonas Elken Thomsen and Malene Sliphaber Søndergaard. The photo i did is on the last pages.

Here is the photo i did of Ole Abildgaard Thomsen, the owner of the guitar shop Akustikken in Aarhus.


Bedell Guitars

24. September 2012Recently, I have taken a picture for a new guitar magazine. Bedell Guitars is a luxury guitar brand that will be sold in the historic guitar shop, Akustikken. I worked with two of my best friends, Jonas and Malene. They have been responsible for everything in the magazine, and I am insanely impressed with their work.

I had some restrictions. I had to bear in mind that there should be room for text on the right side of the image. I did not use any flash or expensive light sources, only some small lamps that i turned towards the owner, Ole. It has been a fantastic job, and I'm really happy with the result.

We went to Gråsten to help start the process of pressing the magazine. The magazine is printed on biodegradable and recyclable Stone Paper. Actually i think Stone Paper is amazing for photographers it looks incredible and feels so real.

Here is the original photo i took.

Odd Shapes

9. September 2012I study Digital Design with Asger / Odd Shapes at Aarhus University. (He is also in the Flexi-Phone video). When he showed me his music i knew i had to shoot some pictures of him. I really wanted to make some dark and mystical pictures. So i did that when he performed at Bispetorvet, Aarhus. I hoped for a little less light since that's what i prefer, but i like the outcome! You should listen to this number and watch the pictures if you got the time.

Sommer.Chillout.Aarhus 2012

18. august 2012.In my opinion this i one of the best summer-happenings in Aarhus. I didn't really feel like taking pictures this day because I dislike photographing on sunny days. - but who can resist this atmosphere and all these beautiful people?

Their logo is made by Mads Haugsted. All pictures from this day is inspired by this colorful heart.

I really hope you can feel the amazing atmosphere through my pictures!

Entrance Sommer.Chillout.Aarhus 2012